Monday, December 2, 2013

Only 27 days to go and over $2000 raised!

So thankful to the many people who have supported me thus far to reach this milestone!

Actively fundraising has had me think a lot more about money and its role in our daily lives.

As a college student on a negative income, I get how hard it is to live on a budget. Ask my parents, it's a struggle. Money is a major stress inducer, yet when I look at how I spend my money I find I waste it on a lot of silly things that don't bring about any good. On average, I spend about $5 a day on coffee or a snack alone. Over 50%of the people in Ghana live on under $2 US per day. If I took the time to calculate how much all my meals and silly expenses in a day cost, I can guarantee it is well over $2/day.

So from now on, I am going to challenge myself to try something differently. I am going to cut $5 of spending a week, and donate $5 to some sort of charity that is needing donations. This is the University of Texas, where everyone is always trying to raise money for various great causes. $5 a week may not seem like much, but think about it. That's $260 a year that is not going to transient selfish things now going to help someone.

If anyone reads this, think about what a big difference small actions on your part can play.

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